Luxury vinyl tile and plank do a great job of meeting some practical requirements throughout your home. You'll find everything you need in this flooring line, from stunning visuals to outstanding performance.

If you need

more clarification about the benefits of this flooring line and how they'll work for you, take time to learn more about the materials. Here are some facts that can help you make a choice that fits all your requirements.

Consider practical luxury vinyl beauty

For homeowners needing a stunning visual, these products are the perfect choice for every room. For example, consider LVP flooring products that look like wood, stone, and porcelain tile or options that offer a more artistic look.

Colors, patterns, styles, and layouts are all layers to add interest and décor matching appeal in every room. Choose your best match by considering your specific requirements in each room.

Consider practical luxury vinyl performance

The performance in this flooring line will work in every room throughout your home. With a customizable wear layer and protective topcoat, these floors resist scratches, scuffs, stains, and dents, with outstanding, long-term performance.

You’ll also find 100% waterproof protection in LVT flooring, so water damage will never be an issue in your home. Even in children’s rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, there will never be a problem with dampness, humidity, or spills.

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Neo Flooring is proud to offer a wealth of luxury vinyl plank floors and services that cater to your every need. When you speak with our staff and share your requirements and preferences, we'll determine your needs and then meet them.

When you're ready to choose the perfect luxury vinyl flooring, visit our showroom in Charlotte, NC, whenever you're in the neighborhood. From there, we serve the Charlotte area and look forward to providing you with the best materials.