Flooring repair


What to do when you need a flooring repair

If you have hardwood flooring, there could be times when flooring repair will be a necessity. In many cases, this happens if you purchase a home with existing hardwood floors, or it can happen due to damage or age. No matter your need, we're here to help and discuss a couple of essential options now.

Flooring repair can include so much

Hardwood flooring is durable and long-lasting, but there are times when damage can occur, leaving you in need of excellent repair work. These floors can easily last 100 years or more, but only if the materials are in good condition. Unchecked problems can cut that lifespan down drastically.

In some cases, you might need extensive subfloor work done to hold your flooring well and keep it functioning as it should. But in other cases, daily wear and age can lead to the need to refinish these materials to help them function properly and provide the appearance you’ve become accustomed to. Refinishing is a process that can help reduce the need to replace your flooring, so it’s well worth considering.

Wood floor refinishing strips away scratches, scuffs, water stains, and more to reveal a fresh layer of hardwood. This allows you to add new sealant, stain color, and the perfect finish, whether you’re keeping your old look or switching to something new. But best of all, it brings your floors back to a like-new look that will easily last another few decades before the process needs to be repeated.

If you have questions about your floor's need for repair, please contact us at your convenience. Our technicians can work to ensure the best results once we find out precisely what is necessary. We look forward to helping bring the new back to your wood floors.



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