Stair flooring installation


What to know about stair flooring installation

When it comes to your stairway flooring, it's essential to choose materials that fit this area, your traffic level there, and the surrounding décor for the best results. It's also vital to select a reputable installation professional to ensure that the materials you choose are installed to perfection. Let’s find out more about this particular type of flooring and the installation it requires.

Do you need wood stairs?

A wood staircase is an elegant, durable, and long-lasting flooring option that many homeowners choose when considering their stairs. If this is a floor covering you’re considering for your home, you might wonder how the installation process works. Here are some facts about this process for your consideration.

The first step is measuring and cutting planks into the perfect size. Great care must be taken in this step, as planks that are cut too short can only be replaced with a brand new board. Tread boards are the part of this flooring that shows, and you can choose from a variety of options for the best appearance.

Before installed the tread boards, the risers must be installed. These pieces create the base and foundation for the tread and give stability to the staircase. Depending on the stairs' width, they are nailed to the frame, including both sides and the middle.

The next step is balustrade installation, which is one of the most intricate of the entire process. Once this step is complete, sanding and finishing follow. The finished product can be maintained in much the same way as solid wood flooring, with a lifespan to match.



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